St Erth PCC Minutes

Minutes of St. Erth PCC meeting held on November 22nd  2019  at 9.00 27 Boscarnek



  1. Present: H. Purchase, R. Purchase, I. Swithinbank, B. Read, D. Tilby, S. Murley, L. Stockton. Meeting chaired by H. Purchase.
  2. Prayers: The meeting opened with prayers
  3. Apologies : Joyce Darvell
  4. Minutes of the meeting held on 13/09/2019  were received and accepted as a true record. Proposed
  5. Matters arising:
  6. Correspondence
  7. Reports:
    1. Finance: £15000 balance in the bank. Generally the finances are healthy. Water bills are going up significantly.
    2. Planned giving: No new information. Income is healthy.
    3. Church Fabric: Sound system now updated. Carpet has been fitted. Further assessment of church lighting has been made by a Newlyn company and we hope the electrician is going to come back to us soon. We have £6800 ring fenced in the restoration fund for lighting. More will certainly be needed. Roofer has sorted out the gulleys and replaced a slipped slate causing a leak. He is continuing to check the rest of the roof but the current weather is not helping.
    4. Hall. Door now completed. Heating the hall is sometimes a problem, particularly early in the morning. We will investigate the possibility of secondary double glazing being fitted for the winter months.
    5. Welcome group: Using the lady chapel as a prayer area is under consideration. Discussion about methods of opening the church more regularly. Will need careful planning and liason with the insurance company. Some development of pastoral visiting was discussed.
    6. Safeguarding: 
    7. Churchwarden’s meeting: Being held in two weeks.
    8. Mission and Outreach
    9. Quinqennial report. The urgent replacement of slates is being done. Plan to replace rotten tower roof timbers sometime in the spring. Will contact the current roofer to ask for a quote on the rest of the work. Woodworm treatment to be investigated with the aim of getting this done during the year.
    10. Deanery Synod. Obviously the financial situation is pretty dire. Continue with our support as we can. Plan for further supplementary MMF subscription once we have costings for the urgent maintenance from the Quinquennial report.
  8. AOB (By arrangement). Wednesday 18th December at 9.30 a.m.  for a Church Christmas cleaning party. Agreed to pay Jill £25 quarterly for expenses for running the hall bookings.
  9. Date of next meetings: 17th  January, 20th March. Both 9 a.m. at Boscarnek.
  10. The meeting closed with the Grace at 10.00

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